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Boudoir Photos

Woman in lingerie lying on the floor with her legs up the wall.

Vulnerability is not a weakness; it is a strength.

These photos are meant to build you up and make you feel like the beautiful human you are! They will leave you feeling strong, empowered and confident. I hope you leave embracing every stretch mark, every curve and every scar as they represent pizza nights with your family, sharing that favourite dessert with your partner or best friend, and every hurdle you’ve overcome.


What is a Boudoir shoot?

A self-love experience. This photoshoot is very client-specific and can range from posing in your favourite PJ set, your partner’s t-shirt, or partially nude. Whatever makes you feel your best! Wardrobe changes are encouraged.

Who are these shoots for?

Anyone and everyone – at any age, shape or size! It’s time to celebrate you!

Why do a boudoir shoot?

The reason is completely yours; maybe it’s a gift for yourself, or perhaps you’ve reached an incredible milestone in your life, and this is a way to celebrate that, or maybe this is a gift for a partner (weddings, birthdays, anniversary etc.), or simply just because!

Hair and Makeup

 I always suggest wearing your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel confident whether it’s totally undone or done up. Some clients choose to get their hair and makeup done professionally prior to the photoshoot to give them that extra pep in their step! If you’re not sure where to go for this, I have some great recommendations.


Boudoir shoots are 75 -90 minutes- $200

I also offer a wedding bundle which includes a boudoir session. 

Smiling woman in front of window


Recent Work

Woman smiling wearing negligee
Woman in lingerie lying on a bed with her legs up the wall.
Young woman in lingerie smiling with her hands in the air.
Expectant mother in lingerie holding her belly.
Woman sitting against the wall covering with a sheet.
Woman in lingerie and robe sitting against a brick wall.
Woman sitting in leather chair wearing only a men's button down shirt.
Mother and father holding their baby between them.

"I can't recommend Julie enough when choosing a photographer. The photos we received were truly amazing and she captured real and natural moments in our family with ease. Her personality and sense of humour helped everyone feel relaxed and made for a fun environment and photos that don't feel posed!"


Newly engaged couple sitting on a log with their dog celebrating.

"Julie is the very best at what she does, and I would recommend her to anyone. My fiancé and I were feeling uncomfortable before our engagement photos as we are not the photo-type. Julie made us feel comfortable the whole time and made it so natural. Her personality and laugh is contagious!!! She has an eye for capturing the best photos, we loved every single one of them!"


Mother wrapping her baby on a bed.

"Julie has an eye for drawing out images that are genuine and real. She gives you space to allow the authentic moments to shine through. When I think about my experience of doing newborn shoots for my baby girl, I'm brought back to exactly how I felt: pure joy, feeling safe and so comfortable. Julie's talent speaks for itself through her work but also in the stories of her client's experiences in how personable she is. I believe this makes Julie a perfect fit as a photographer - quality work combined with a quality connection."


Smiling woman in front of window in negligee.

"Going into my photo shoot with Julie I was very self-conscious about being in front of the camera. But honestly within the first 5 minutes of being around her I began to let my guard down. She knows how to make someone feel so comfortable with her positive attitude and warm and fun personality! She has such an eye for photography, she will capture a side of yourself you didn't even know you had. Please give her the opportunity to capture your family moments, your candid moments, and your vulnerable moments."


Young sister watching her brother make a funny face after biting a crab apple.

"Julie is an incredible photographer! She really knows how to capture the special moments. (The ones that you want to hold on to forever!) Her work is stunning! Her photos really tell your story... Julie's warm and bubbly personality makes the entire experience enjoyable. She feels like a friend from the very beginning. She easily establishes a positive rapport with the kids and makes them laugh. (We all appreciate her wonderful sense of humour!) Julie is able to make everyone comfortable and connects so well with others. The photography session feels natural... even for the people who are more hesitant about having their photos taken. I whole-heartedly recommend Julie as a photographer. Her photos are displayed in my living room. They are truly a work of art and remind me of the beautiful moments that make up our life stories."


Baby's first birthday with two ducklings.

"I highly recommend Julie Anne photography. I first used Julie when she was starting out last year to capture a beautiful set of maternity photos. They turned out better then I could have imagined. I've continued to use Julie over the past year including an entire family photoshoot consisting of individual group family shoots, the whole family, mother-daughter and niece and nephew combinations. Despite the rainy, cold weather, our pictures were amazing, and Julie's spirits were high. Recently we did a 1st birthday / Easter shoot for my daughter, which even included baby ducks! The laughter and fun we had while capturing these amazing moments will last a lifetime, thanks to Julie's amazing talents. Will continue to use Julie Anne photography as my daughter grows and our family expands."


Mom and dad holding their baby on the porch laughing.

"As first time parents we are so worried about getting our family pictures taken but Julie came to our house and made our pictures so fun!! I dont think we stopped laughing and she caught all the perfect moments of our little family. My husband isnt a picture guy but whenever I say who's doing them he is much more relaxed and actually excited for the pictures ! She will forever be our family photographer :)"


Husband hugging his pregnant wife in a snowy forest.

"I've known Julie a long time. She has always been someone who lights up a room. She is kind, laid back, and so easy to talk to, which is reflected in her photography. She took both our maternity and newborn photos and made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. The result was photos that were so genuine and candid, you can feel the love when you look at them! She captured such raw emotion in both shoots, the pictures ooze happiness. A treat to work with!"


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